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Recreation and the Plover

The following videotaped interviews have been provided to us courtesy of our good friends at Bay Families With Dogs (BFWD). These interviews depict a troubling situation which has become all too commonplace throughout the United States:   Our government is arbitrarily and capriciously denying us access to public lands. These are lands that we, the taxpaying public, are subsidizing. And, it is all being done under a perverted, self-serving interpretation of the Endangered Species Act.

The videos will be describing just such a situation which is now occurring at Shell Island, Florida (located just outside Panama City in Bay County). For generations Shell Island was utilized as a recreational area by individuals and families with their companion pets. But as you will learn from these videos, our government, i.e., the public servants whose salaries we pay, are using the Snowy Plover as the sole excuse for banning this time honored tradition. Literally millions of acres of valuable U.S. recreation park space and coastline are either closed off or severely limited with respect to recreational activities due to recorded sightings of this bird. How can this bird be so prolific and yet "on-the-brink-of-extinction"? These videos provide us with some valuable insight as to why the term "recreation" may soon find itself on the Endangered Species List.

Burnie Thompson Talk 101.1 Part 1
Burnie Thompson Talk 101.1 Part 2
Burnie Thompson Talk 101.1 Part 3
Burnie Thompson Talk 101.1 Part 4
Burnie Thompson Talk 101.1 Part 5
Burnie Thompson Talk 101.1 Plover